Can your MWDBE business thrive without quality marketing?

December 3, 2017


Your work isn't the problem. You are a rock-solid contractor with a pristine track record of success. Your people are considered experts in the industry and have been loyal for years. But there's a problem; you can't seem to grow your business year over year. Sales are flat and jobs are consistent but, despite your best efforts, you can't grow the business. 


There are several schools of thought regarding how to most effectively grow an MWDBE, ranging from contract vehicles to political consultants. However, many MWDBEs lack a simple, yet fundamental, business instrument; marketing. More often than not, MWDBEs rely on word of mouth, recommendations, and their reputation to attract business but fail to self-promote in a meaningful way. 


Marketing is as effective today as ever. With the advent of social media, mobile applications, and other forms of telecommunication, the true effectiveness of marketing can get lost in the noise. That is why we recommend that all of our MWDBE partners engage with a very targeted (industry, geography, etc.) marketing firm if they are really ready to take the next step in growth for their businesses. We have seen so much success in the businesses that have invested the time, money, and effort into marketing their business. In some cases, more business has come than they were able to service, which is another blog post on another day.



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