Masonry Protection


YufiX is a clear penetrating dual-crystalline formula, containing Hydrophilic and Hygroscopic crystals, developed specifically as a water repellent and sealer for masonry and cement based vertical substrates.

Containing no VOC’s, this product is a non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless, and 100% green technology that offers a superior, environmentally safe, alternative to Silane and Siloxane. A single application of YufiX will offer long term protection against water and its damaging effects. This is accomplished by penetrating the pore structure and offering a breathable sealing alternative, adding years of service life to your masonry. This technology DOES NOT rely on secondary chemical reaction and is moisture impervious.

YufiX Benefits –

  • Seals the substrate from water and moisture vapor.

  • Offers 100% Green and Environmentally safe results.

  • Penetrates deep into your masonry structure.

  • Resists air borne contaminants, acid rain, environmental pollutants and staining.

  • Positively affects the condition of Efflorescence.

  • Offers Long Term protection in one easy application.

  • Eliminates and reduces the corrosive effects to reinforcing steel on walls, patios and façade areas.

  • Extends the life of the masonry, masonry mortar, faux stone, stucco and all cement based products.

  • Seals surface cracks up to a 1/16”.

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